Womprat for Small Business License Agreement

This agreement is between you and Mantia, LLC dba “Crown” (“Crown”). This agreement governs your use of the Fonts accompanying this license (the “Fonts”).

§0 — The Licensee

If you are purchasing the Fonts on behalf of a company, then “you” means that company. If you are a company, this license only allows use by your employees. A company is just the business you work for and does not include the affiliates of your company (e.g., parent companies, subsidiaries, etc.). Each company within an organization must purchase a separate license. If you are a company, you are is responsible for violations of this license by its employees.

The Fonts and materials produced with the Fonts are only for individuals and smaller companies. If you have needs beyond the scope of this license or if you are an organization (including all affiliates) with more than 500 employees, you must contact us to purchase a custom license.

This license takes effect when you install the Fonts. This license governs the Fonts and any free updates to the Fonts that Crown releases. This license also applies to any free versions of the Fonts.

§1 — Ownership & Copyright

Crown owns the Fonts. You may only use the Fonts as provided in this agreement. Except for the rights granted in this agreement, all other rights are retained by Crown.

§2 — License Grant

Crown hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Fonts as provided in this license. Your rights under this license are conditioned on you paying the applicable license fee and otherwise complying with this agreement.

You must contact Crown and purchase an upgrade or additional licenses if your employee count grows beyond what you elected when you originally purchased your license.

This license allows you to use the Fonts as follows: 

Desktop. You may install the Fonts on an unlimited number of computers owned by you to create images, documents, and videos using the Fonts. The Fonts may also be used to create physical goods for sale.

App. You to embed the Fonts in an unlimited number of applications or video games. Your app may not allow your users to download all or a portion of the Font. You may also use the Fonts in the development of your application or game.

Web. You may embed the Fonts on an unlimited number of website domains owned by you. You must store the Fonts on the same server as the authorized domain.

§3 — Restrictions

The Fonts may not be used in automated file or product creation.
 Documents, applications, or devices that include Fonts must be delivered in a secure manner that does not allow editing of the text created with the Fonts or accessing the Fonts.

You may not use the Fonts to develop materials for broadcast, exhibitions, or film.

You may not transfer files produced with the Fonts to an organization (considering all the affiliates within that organization) that has more than 500 employees even if the Fonts are not embedded in the files.

Unless the law of your country requires otherwise, you may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, convert, or rename the Fonts.

You may not use the Fonts to produce racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or fascist content (whether use constitutes one of these prohibited uses is determined by Crown in its sole discretion).

§4 — Term & Termination

This license remains in effect until terminated.

Your license automatically terminates if you use the Fonts in violation of this license.

You may terminate this license by deleting all copies of the Fonts and sending Crown written notice that you wish to terminate. If you terminate this license, your license fee is not refundable.

Crown may terminate this license if you have unusual or excessive technical-support needs by refunding your license fee.

If your license terminates, you must delete all copies of the Fonts (including embedded copies and archival backups). At Crown’s request, you must certify that you have deleted the Fonts.

§5 — Limited Liability

You are installing and using the Fonts at your own risk. The Fonts are provided “as-is” and with all faults. Crown does not warrant that the Fonts will be suitable for your purposes or be error free. Crown’s maximum liability to you from your use of the Fonts, including third-party claims against you, is limited to the amount you paid for your license fee.
 Crown does not warrant your ability to use the representations of Star Wars characters, vehicles, and any other Star Wars related items in the Font.

§6 — Miscellaneous

This license can only be changed if you and Crown both agree in writing. The exclusive venues for resolving disputes regarding the Fonts are the state and federal courts of Multnomah County, Oregon. This agreement is the only agreement regarding your use of the Fonts.